Affordable and long-lasting solutions

We care about your property that is why West Coast Roof Care (Pty) Ltd is using their own specialised paint and want to help solve whatever moisture problems you may have. You can expect the finest service from West Coast Roof Care (Pty) Ltd. Along with high quality products and proven expertise, we always put our customers first. We care about your problems. No matter what your water problem, West Coast Roof Care (Pty) Ltd looks for the most affordable and long-lasting solutions.

High Pressure Cleaning

Freshen up your property’s appearance not only for your benefit but for potential buyers if you are planning on selling your house. A clean, well-maintained home will attract more buyers.

Waterproofing Specialist

We do all types of roofs, concrete waterproofing and specialises in fully bonded, liquid applied, seamless waterproofing systems and guaranteed to last.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos Africa is the leading South African specialists in Asbestos Safety Systems, giving high levels of success in the encapsulation field giving quality and innovative products to the commercial construction industry.
All Asbestos Africa products are specifically engineered to perform in conjunction with South African construction materials and under harsh South African environmental conditions.

Specialised Roof Coat


Is a flexible waterproofing product of exceptional quality and durability. Different surfaces and environmental conditions require specific painting systems to produce the best possible results.

Metaltreat Roof Coat

Is ideal for areas such as metal, rolled steel, mild steel and galvanised steel. The product protects metal from rust.


Has seal and adhering properties and can be applied to concrete, metal, wood etc. The ideal area for application is metal / tile roofs It will cool your home in summer, insulate your roof in winter and waterproof your roof.

Premium Residential & Industrial Painting

West Coast Roof Care paint is a pure acrylic emulsion paint for application to most substrates for decorative and corrosion protection purposes in moderate environments. paint acts as a one-way membrane, allowing moisture to escape to the surface but prevents moisture ingress into the treated structure. Paint is a high degree of elasticity – will never harden.

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